Voice Biometric - The Best Security

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The ultimate security measure is something you are. Voice is actually the most secure form of identification because each person’s voiceprint is unique.

Paul Heller, CIOVanguard
For The Consumer

Think of knowledge-based security as a set of disconnected sites. When one level becomes ineffective, another level is added. The pin becomes a password and passwords then need security questions to authenticate them. This is hard and stressful work for the customer, and it puts them further and further away from completing their intended task.

Fortr3ss does away with all this. It uses the users unique voiceprint for authentication. Fortr3ss uses a unique combination of numbers presented to the user so they never have to remember their passphrase. It’s more natural and more secure than fingerprints or retina.

For The Enterprise

Knowledge-based security is easily hacked. The four-digit PIN is the weakest credential as it’s often shared and a brute force attack can quickly compromise it without any knowledge of the legitimate account holder. Passwords and security questions can be successfully answered with simple web searches of the account holder’s publicly available information.

Fortr3ss uses 256bit AES zero-knowledge encryption. We utilize a proprietary, patent pending, technology to authenticate the user though the voice signature.

Voice biometrics cannot be compromised in this way. Because a voiceprint is a hashed string of numbers and characters, a compromised voiceprint has no value to a hacker.