The fortr3ssApp for Android and iOS are password management mobile apps that uses your voice to log you in and manage all your passwords, credit cards, id's and secure notes.

Once inside, it provides storage for:

  1.  Apps and websites
  2.  Identifications: Drivers license, School ID's, Passports,Work ID's
  3.  Secure Notes: Locker Combinations, Safe Combinations
  4.  Payments: Add credit cards, debit cards, PayPal account, gift cards, and more

It also generates new complex passwords you can use on apps and websites


fortr3ssConnect is an API that allows developers of any type of mobile or software application to leverage the voice biometric engine to:

  1.  Set-up new user accounts by sending the enterprise user information like address, drivers license number, etc.
  2.  Provide a first or second tier authentication method for account access
  3.  Provide a more secure authentication methods for approving financial transactions

Increase the security and convenience of Active Directory access by replacing user passwords with voice biometric authentication.

Fortr3ss Business for Microsoft Active Directory is an enterprise-ready solution that adds Voice biometric authentication to AD identity services. It does so by replacing traditional passwords with a User's Voice or add a multi-factor authentication.

With Fortr3ss, the identity claimed by a user is verified with Voice biometrics, increasing the security of enterprise data. Biometric authentication can reduce costs by eliminating password resets and by reducing support calls and help desk requests.

Fortr3ss supports Voice biometric authentication on desktops and laptops using microphone if available on their device or using User's mobile devices. Fortr3ss also supports offline scenarios.