Here's Why Small Businesses Need A Team Password Manager

Most people tend to have a handful of passwords that they use for their multiple online portals -- everything from email logins, to bank accounts, to logging in to social media. It has become common practice to simply reuse our same passwords, often with slight variations, to keep things simple and to ensure that we won’t forget our login information for the high volume of sites and databases that we log in to each day. However, reusing passwords, especially in a corporate setting, is a simple mistake that can be extremely detrimental.

Poor password habits on behalf of employees is perhaps the biggest security risk that businesses take. While mental images of Edward Snowden and similar crusades may come to mind, all it really takes is one well-meaning employee’s mistake to snowball into a global data breach. In 2012, the popular online cloud system Dropbox faced a four year long data breach that resulted from an employee reusing his corporate password on his LinkedIn social media account.

It may be tempting to use a simplified password to save time and frustration, but employees are sacrificing business security as a result. Many companies try to skirt around this by requiring frequent password updates or requiring complex parameters for password fields. However, it has been proven that this tactic leads to employees storing login information in not-so-secure locations - either physically on their desks or as notes on their devices.

Many small business even have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy that has employees using personal laptops, cell phones, and tablets for company purposes. This -- combined with employees working from home or using public WiFi -- is a risk all in it’s own when it comes to password management. The limited monitoring capabilities regarding remote access employees means that company information could be getting leaked or stolen anywhere.

These few examples are just some of many reasons why it is important to educate your employees on the possible risks associated with passwords.

Adopting a team password manager is a highly effective way to manage this process.

Team password managers such as those we offer at FORTR3SS are applications that allow individuals to organize and store passwords in a secure way. They utilize an encrypted master password system that is ideal for small businesses with multiple employees or workstations. 

A password manager ensures that a company is not at the mercy of it’s employees and their proven poor password habits, but rather takes a proactive role in securing information and network reliability on it’s own.

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Alessandro Chiarini

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