Here's Why More Companies Are Using Biometrics

With the constant threat of cyber security attacks constantly looming around us, many more businesses are turning to advanced authentication technologies to add extra security to their overall systems. This extra level of security adds a layer of trust among customers and business partners alike. With this in mind, it makes sense that over 57% of companies recently surveyed have stated that they have begun using biometrics for authentication to protect their information.

Advancements in biometrics - a more realistic, human based authentication system - not only keeps information more safe than traditional routes, it also makes the process easier on the users as well. With a growing disregard for proper password practices among members of the workforce, this is a win-win situation for both employers and their employees. There is less of a risk of weak passwords, unsafe credential storage, and human error with biometric clearances.



Over 46% of the organizations that employ this type of authentication report that it has made their online transactions more secure. Users also report that biometric capabilities boost their confidence in the company’s ability to keep their information secure.

The most common process for biometric protection involves first entering a username and password. The user then receives a text on their mobile device to complete the authentication process. Some cases involve an access card, fingerprint imprint, voice recognition, or an iris scan. This second factor via a separate portal leads for a stronger force that is much more difficult to duplicate or hack.

On top of understanding the capabilities of biometrics, it is equally crucial to understand user response to them. More than 42% of US adults stated that they trust the government to be able to handle this sensitive biometric data, such as storing fingerprints and scans. Over 64% trust stereotypically high security organizations, such as banks and hospitals, with this same information. A third of all US adults still remain skeptical about how safe this biometric data truly is, mainly due to a lack of understanding on the user experience end.

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