Everything You Need To Know About Password Management

With an increasing amount of cyber security threats constantly facing businesses and personal users, a password manager is important now more than ever. Many people are unaware of what this entails, though, so it is important to understand exactly how a password manager works in order to understand how you can best benefit from using one.

A password manager is a safety practice that helps to defend your various login credentials by storing different, long, complicated passwords for your online accounts. These programs generate and retrieve these random passwords to be stored in a sort of storage vault, so that you do not have to remember each of the long-tailed passwords for all of your accounts. All you must remember is one single password that will allow you to get into this vault. With FORTR3SS, this single password is your voice – adding an extra layer of unique biometric protection.

The encryption on these vaults is so advanced that it is near impossible for hackers to obtain your information. This program can also protect PINs, credit card information, answers to security questions, and more, and even auto generate this information into fields when prompted.  It is still important to have passwords on all your devices, though, and only connect through trusted networks.

“Password managers are not a magic pill,” Lujo Bauer, a security researcher and associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University, says, “but for most users they'll offer a much better combination of security and convenience than they have without them. Everyone should be using one.”

Most people have a handful of passwords that they use across multiple accounts, so a password manager ensures that login credentials are much more unique and advanced. Replacing all of these repetitive or weak passwords would take a lot of time, but password managers make the process as simple as possible.

Find FORTR3SS in the App Store or in the Google Play Store today, and start protecting your credentials with a unique and trusted password manager!