The Rise of Powerful Mobile Devices Is Making Voice Interfaces Even More Useful

Until recently, the idea of holding a conversation with a computer seemed straight out of a sci-fi movie. Asking your phone to simply open an image or search for directions may be the way of future, but the future is now.

Today, people use their voiceprint to assist in their daily lives, including managing tasks and securing their precious passwords. This is thanks to the steady progress of technologies that help machines understand human speech, like machine learning and statistical data-mining techniques. Even call centers that were once dependent on one-on-one interaction between a client and a customer now use sophisticated voice technology to identify and organize customers in need of assistance.

Now more than ever, it’s clear that modern day society is at a transition point where voice and natural-language understanding are at the forefront. Jim Glass, a senior research scientist at MIT who has been working on speech interfaces since the 1980s, says today’s smartphones are packed with just as much processing power as the laboratory machines he once worked with in the ’90s. “The combination of more data and more computing power means you can do things today that you just couldn’t do before,” says Glass. Like using your voiceprint as a password manager.

A prominent example of a mobile voice interface is Fotr3ss. Fortr3ss is a voice identification and password management solution that provides businesses and consumers with an intuitive and cost effective solution to identity management. Since Voice Imprints (VID), as individual as your retina or thumbprint, are easier to capture on multiple devices and easier for the end user to perform, Fotr3ss eliminates the current frustration in remembering password combinations to multiple sites for consumers and enterprises by using the authenticity of your voice.

Fotr3ss offers three products, including the Fortr3ssApp that uses your voice to log you in and manage all your passwords, credit cards, id's and secure notes from your mobile device; the Fortr3ssConnect that allows developers of any type of mobile or software application to leverage the voice biometric engine; and the Fotr3ssAD that Increase the security and convenience of Active Directory access by replacing user passwords with voice biometric authentication.

So whether you’re a small business interested in business organization or an enterprise looking to optimize employment security, Fotr3ss is the latest technology working in your favor.