Future Cars May Be Controlled By Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics have come a long way in the last few years and have developed to become a fantastic tool that adds a layer of protection to our technological devices and password managers. The idea of personalization and security going hand in hand is nothing new, but the implications of what this technology will entail is quickly developing. Soon, your voice will be able to control much more than just a password manager -- it will control your car.

Imagine getting into your vehicle and the seat and mirrors adjust directly to your liking, your favorite radio stations begin to play, and the navigation system loads all of your most frequented stops. Everything loads at the sound of your voice, just like it will for other drivers and their voices. Driver and passengers alike can be identified en passant while interacting with the car’s speech dialogue. This is the kind of personalization that automotive UI designers have coming in the near future.

The best part is, this would also give you complete control of your vehicle while you keep both hands on the wheel. You no longer have to glance at the radio to change a channel or adjust mirrors while on the road. A voice biometric led automobile leads to safer drive overall, a huge perk of implementing a naturalized system.

Aside from safety concerns and the ease of personalization, voice biometrics also provide security. Not only will your voice allow you to control over the vehicle, but it also gives you control over the data it is storing, such as GPS frequented addresses, emails, and credit card information.

This is the same type of technology that currently exists in our password manager technology. If you'd like to become familiar with voice biometrics, download the Fortr3ss app today!