Educate Your Employees Of These 5 Crucial Cybersecurity Tips

Educating your employees on the importance of cyber security is the most beneficial thing that you can do to protect your business. A large majority of security incidents stem from employee made errors, so it is crucial to ensure that your workers are aware of these top 5 critical cybersecurity terms.

Backdoor: These are the digital entryways that hackers use to access software or hardware. This provides quick and undetected access to a variety of networks that allows hackers to install malware or access private information.

Brute Force Attack: A type of cyber attack where hackers force their way into accounts by using as many possible password combinations as possible. There are programs in support of this that even enter thousands of password combinations into login credentials per second. This type of cyber attack is the reason proper password management is so important.

BYOD: This stands for “Bring You Own Device,” and it is a growing trend that is increasing in popularity. This method has employees utilizing their own personal laptops, phones, tablets, etc. at work. BYOD work spaces offer unique security risks, as it is easier for employees to accidentally access or transfer company information. This also opens up the work network to potential malware and vulnerabilities from a number of devices.

Phishing: This is a common attack from hackers that persuades people to willingly give over personal data by posing as a legitimate entity. It can be people you think you know on social media, scam online shopping sites, fake pop ups, or fake links sent in emails. Phishing is one of the most common ways employees accidentally leak company information, as they click a link in an email that is seemingly company related, but is actually ran by scammers.

Password Managers: Like FORTR3SS, password managers as a whole are applications that create and store strong passwords for multiple accounts. These programs can store an infinite number of strong and secure passwords in a way that humans are unable to. All it takes is one single master password and you have the access and ability to increase security for every login system you could possibly have.

Once your employees are aware of the basics of cyber security in theory, it’s important to implement this information hands on. Download FORTR3SS today from the App Store or in the Google Play Store, and see how it can help protect your information!