Study Finds 40% of IT Security Leaders Don't Change Default Admin Passwords

Proper password management is a task that every individual person should take on, but IT professionals seem to face their own unique challenges when it comes to corporate credentials. A recent study found that nearly 90% of IT security professionals say they face challenges in managing privileged passwords. This is concerning, as nearly 80% of all data breaches stem from similar privileged credentials.

Many IT professionals use paper based logbooks or inadequately secured spreadsheets to track crucial account information. A large number even rely on two or more tools for account management purposes, meaning there is a widespread inconsistency when it comes to storing secured information.

Managing password changes also seems to be an increasing hurdle. A surprising 40% of IT professionals admit they don’t employ best practices for changing a default admin password. 86% confessed they don’t even change the password for these accounts consistently.

This information is concerning as gaining access to account information is a prime way for cyber criminals to steal an organization’s private data. By not upkeeping best practices for cyber security, IT professionals are essentially opening to door to exposure.

"When an organization doesn't implement the very basic processes for security and management around privileged accounts, they are exposing themselves to significant risk," John Milburn, president and general manager of One Identity, said in a press release. "Over and over again, breaches from hacked privileged accounts have resulted in astronomical mitigation costs, as well as data theft and tarnished brands."

While it is crucial for IT departments to be on board with ideal cyber security practices, everyone in the organization should be informed of proper password management skills. Take the first step to protecting your information and implement a password manager company wide! Applications such as FORTR3SS go a long way in keeping your credentials secured.