Google Play Store Just Became Even Safer For Its Users

The general population has constantly been divided when it comes to smartphones and electronic devices, falling either into the category of iPhone enthusiasts or Android supporters. When you use either of these platforms, you are accessing a virtual “store” in order to download any applications to your phone. For Apple devices this would be the App Store, and for Android devices this is the Google Play Store.

While at this point both stores carry relatively all the same apps, Google has been falling behind when it comes to security measures. Google has made multiple efforts to combat malicious apps from making their way into their store, but time and time again millions have been affected by malware that has made its way through.

Alas, better late than never, the Google Play Store has finally launched a bug bounty program that has given security researchers an incentive to find and report vulnerabilities they find in Android based downloads..

This program is being called the “Google Play Security Reward.” Developers who find and fix vulnerabilities can be paid up to $1,000 in rewards. For now, a limited number of Android apps have been added to this program, including Alibaba, Snapchat, Duolingo, Line, Dropbox, Headspace, and Tinder.

"The goal of the program is to further improve app security which will benefit developers, Android users, and the entire Google Play ecosystem," the technology giant said in a blog post about the program.

All vulnerabilities have to meet certain criteria, and then must be submitted to HackerOne, the platform partnered with Google on this takedown. As the program develops, it is hoped that it will transform into a full fledged counter-cyberattack platform.

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