5 Cyber Security Tips Every College Student Needs To Know

From smartphones in our pockets to smartwatches on our wrists, the advancement of mobile technology keeps us more connected today than ever before. But while there are infinite upsides to having the world at our fingertips they come with the downside of cyber attacks. College students have become especially vulnerable to these attacks. Poor password management, insecure network connections, and phishing targets are just a few reasons why colleges students are becoming the latest victims of cyber crimes.

We’ve compiled a few crucial cyber security tips to follow so you can combat hackers while focusing on your studies, too!

  1. Keep it close. It’s very likely you’ll find yourself sharing workspaces or communal areas with a few dozen other students. Keep your devices close, and if for whatever reason you need to leave your stuff behind with a watchful eye, be sure to keep them locked.

  2. Don’t go phishing. Hackers strategically design scams to trick college students out of hard earned cash and compromise data. Never share personal information, like social security number or credit card account details, in an email or over the phone. Reputable companies won’t ask for that information, and when in doubt, be sure to do your research beforehand by calling or checking company reviews.

  3. Back it up. Creating backups of important documents is vital to avoid ransomware, when a hacker remotely locks your computer and holds it ransom until you pay them.

  4. Avoid over sharing. Social media was created to share your personal life with the world, but that doesn’t mean you need to share everything. Think twice before making any post, because social media channels are a great place for hackers to steal information, including where you live, where you work, etc.

  5. Get a password manager. Password managers help to alleviate any stress in keeping your personal information on your devices safe, and the latest technologies, like Fortr3ss, make it easier than ever. Fortr3ss for Android and iOS is password management mobile app that uses your voice to log you in and manage all your passwords, credit cards, id's and secure notes.

While you’re prioritizing your education, it’s crucial to prioritize your online security, too. Learn more at www.fortr3ss.com.