Cyber Security Habits Based On Your Generation

Online security measures are a thing that most people are aware of in today’s day and age, but what seems to truly vary is the way in which different generations seem to utilize this knowledge. Different generations in the workforce seem to have different habits and trends when it comes to online security. A recent survey from a password manager company of over 1,000 Americans has revealed exactly what those trends are.

The survey shows that those in Generation Z, or those aged 13-22, are the least concerned about cybersecurity. While part of this can be chalked up to being young and naïve - and with little experience in the workforce - it is still shocking that over 41% of those surveyed don’t think they are a target for hackers. This group is therefore the most likely to reuse passwords across multiple accounts, as well as put little thought into their password creation.

Millennials, those aged 23-34, are in stark opposition to Gen Z. Having grown up alongside the

development of the internet, this group proves to be the most concerned when it comes to online security. This age group tends to go above and beyond when it comes to protecting themselves, using three to five different passwords for their various accounts. Millennials also proved to constantly be on the lookout for new tools and updates on how to best protect information.

Generation X, or those between 35 and 54, have the same awareness level as millennials, but don’t do nearly as much about it. Their lack of password security is something to keep in mind as an employer. Lastly, the Baby Boomers, the generation of those 55 and up, are surprisingly more well-informed than expected. They are equally aware of the threats of hackers, but this generation also proved that over 85% of them are putting real thought into the passwords they use.

It is important to keep these trends in mind, both with personal information and business-related credentials.

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