Here's What You Need to Know About CCleaner's Recent Hacking

The popular PC maintenance software CCleaner is the latest large corporation to have been hacked, affecting an unknown number of users. CCleaner has millions of downloads per week, meaning that the malware that infiltrated their product may have affected a large amount of their customers.

According to researchers at Cisco Talos, “the legitimate signed version of CCleaner 5.33. . .also contained a multi-stage malware payload that rode on top of the installation of CCleaner.” This malware did not actively harm the infected systems, but rather collected information about the device that can possibly be used to harm users in the future. The information collected included the name of the computer, a list of all its installed software, MAC addresses, a list of running processes, and more.

Home users who ran the 32-bit version after version 5.33.6162 of the program are the ones who were targeted by the attack. This is the case for many people who have updated or downloaded the latest version of CCleaner between August 15th and September 12th. If you believe you may have been affected by this malware, restore your entire system to a backup before August 15th, 2017 and run an antivirus on the new install.

While the attack on CCleaner proves that no company or individual can ever be entirely safe from a cyber-attack, there are always extra precautions that can take place. For your personal platforms and various login credentials, allow FORTR3SS to be that extra peace of mind that you need. Our password manager program will keep your information safe and secure.

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