How Biometrics Is Transforming Online Security

With password requirements becoming more and more complex- password must be at least 12 characters long, have one capital letter, a number, a special character…- passwords are easily forgotten and are becoming ironically less authentic. In our tech driven, modern world, the perfect security risk for online consumers is a result of human error and complex password requirements.

But thanks to the advancement of biometrics, you no longer need to type in long, silly passwords the next time to you need to log into that important file or make that impulsive purchase. A swipe of a thumb, a scan of your wrist, and even the sound of your voice is enough authentication to make password logins a thing of the past.

Guessing the biometrics “password” of a stranger isn’t really viable for hackers, as they would need access to the person’s body. Minority Report, anyone?  By taking advantage of your device’s microphone, camera, or fingerprint sensor, the latest technology is capable of implementing layers of “multimodal” authentication methods to prove the user’s identity. Multiple biometrics checks make it nearly impossible for hackers to spoof the phone into giving them access.

“People choose convenience over security,” Mikhail Gofman, professor at California State University, Fullerton, and an expert on multimodal biometrics, told TechCrunch. “The good thing about biometrics is that people are relieved from the responsibility of designing and remembering a strong password — you don’t have to remember your fingerprint, it’s a part of who you are.”

Although biometrics has been an evolving technology over the years, it’s only getting stronger with age. The sophistication of biometrics is destined to improve as the smartphones and other technological devices improve. Sooner than later, biometrics will be future of password management, as the latest authentication methods already include infrared iris scans, behavioral biometrics and voice authentication, like the Fortr3ssApp, Fortr3ssConnect, andFotr3ss AD.

Using your voice to log you in and and manage all of your passwords, credit cards, ID’s, and secure notes, Fotr3ss stays ahead of the trend with biometrics to keep users secure and organized. Implement the high-technology of biometrics into your everyday life and download Fortr3ss for Andriod and iOS today!