How Biometrics Is Reducing Friction And Fraud In The Digital World

Biometrics is a constantly developing field that is allowing technological developments to drastically alter cybersecurity measures. Biometric technology allows an application to analyze unique traits of a particular individual, including fingerprints, voice, facial patterns, or iris structures, in order to provide a layer of security. The overall goal is to create platforms that reduce fraud as well as friction between the application and the consumer.

This technology allows users to have a safer and more secure experience in a relatively short amount of time. The convenience of using a unique human aspect to access your information is as mindless and simple as placing a finger on a sensor or looking at your phone at the right angle. This simplified process beats out the previous system of dealing with complex, case sensitive passwords that may (and should) be unique for every platform.

Plus, since the biometric data stored in your device is unique to each individual user, it becomes much more difficult for fraudulent access to take place. More people are relying on this technology to make purchases online, as they can rest assured there are extra precautions in place to protect their data. Many ecommerce sites now have you take a selfie to authenticate purchases, or use voice recognition to enable access to checkout. Some larger companies, such as the big name credit cards, will even run diagnostics on your account to study purchase behavior and tendencies to more easily recognize fraud.

However, as quickly as this field has been developing, we aren’t quite ready for a point where we can throw out the idea of passwords entirely. For now, biometric technology is backed by a back up physical password that is created by the user. This means that when you try using a wet thumb, use your phone in poor lighting, or try to unlock a voice activated application in a noisy area, you still have an option for access.

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