The Two Password Steps We Shouldn't Be Skipping, According To Bill Burr

Bill Burr, the father of the modern password, recently apologized for a 2003 article he authored regarding how passwords should best be managed. His advice led to people creating credentials that were hard for humans to remember, but easy for computers to guess, which we all know is a detrimental combination. While we can’t expect the advice he gave 15 years ago to still hold true, it is important to reflect on how passwords and their security have changed exponentially in the recent years.



While no password is ever completely impenetrable, we have come a long way in stepping up awareness in what makes for a more secured account. A two factor authentication system has become an absolute staple for secured accounts. This means that there is an extra step in addition to your username and password that adds an extra layer of protection to your accounts. This is one of the most important steps that people can take in order to protect their accounts and everyone else’s that are associated with it.

One of the only things that may be even more beneficial is utilizing a password manager for all of your login credentials. These programs allow you to set up a master password for the manager itself, and you download a plugin from a mobile app that will help link all your accounts. These unique passwords may be difficult to remember, but the password manager takes care of storing them all for you so that you don’t have to rack your brain to login every time. Each account will get a unique password, meaning that is one gets compromised, then the rest of your accounts are still secured.

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