A Cybersecurity Forecast Of Everything You Need To Know In 2018

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In the past year alone, more than 50% of businesses have experienced a cyber attack, and experts estimate that similar trends will exist in 2018. Until large numbers of businesses are able to commit to implementing security tools and best practices company wide, cyber attacks are going to continue to be profitable, and therefore existent. Take a look at some of the expecting trends in the cybersecurity world for 2018.

As expected, small businesses are most at risk for these types of attacks. With less resources available to dedicate to protection, it is increasingly important for employees to have an increased awareness of the best safety practices. The alarming news is that almost 90% of small business owners don’t feel as though they’re at risk of experiencing a breach themselves, while the reality is that any business that is attacked can be catastrophically affected.

Globally, the average cost of a data breach has reached an average of over $3.62 million. This number paints a picture of just how seriously this matter should be taken, and why resources should be dedicated to the cause. This amount includes loss of customers, detection and escalation amounts, post breach response, and notifying those involved.

Alongside small businesses, certain industry are more likely to be affected. Financial, technology, and service industry all have a higher risk and a higher potential costs of a data breach. Any kind of software that your company uses also makes your company more susceptible to cyber attacks.

2018 is a year when password protection is going to be more important than ever. Since 81% of attacks are related to either stolen or weak passwords, increasing awareness and implementing strategies company wide is really a safe bet. To increase protection even more, consider utilizing a password manager such as FORTR3SS to keep your login credentials safe.

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