From the Equifax hack that leaked 14.5 million Social Security numbers to the WannaCry ransom attack that locked up our computers and demanded ransom paid in bitcoins, 2017 was the year of online attacks. With the wave of hacks we experienced this year, it’s no wonder why experts are looking for a more secure 2018.

As you ring in the New Year, there is plenty you can do to protect yourself from cyberattacks.

Back It Up: Since ransomware will only become sneakier overtime, backing up all of your important documents is crucial. Whether it’s saving photos to putting your important documents in a central location, taking the extra step of backing up will ensure security.

Adopt Authentication Tools: It’s easy to become overwhelmed with remembering it all. Authentication tools, like Fortr3ss, make it easy to maintain a central local for your most prized possessions, including bank accounts and work documents.

Security Software: Just like you would protect your home from burglary, it’s important to protect your online life from hackers. Prioritize your online safety with a security software that’s easy-to-use and effective.

Although online safety has been threatened this year, there’s plenty you can do to ensure safety for the new year. Start prioritizing your cyber security and download Fortr3ss today!

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