Whether you work for a small company or a giant enterprise, password integrity and data management should always be an important aspect of an IT professional’s job. Employees are constantly putting the business at risk through poor password management, using outside devices to access the network, and clicking on questionable links. They address their own productivity needs before those of the company; it often isn’t intentional or malicious, but in trying to work more productively, employees often put corporate information at risk.

It often falls on the responsibility of the IT department to deal with the consequences of these risks, so it inevitably becomes their job to try and prevent them from happening in the first place. The largest problem for businesses is the possession of an ineffective security approach, as many IT departments are missing the focus of the human factor of cyber security throughout their business.

The burden of addressing cyber security may fall on the IT department, but they can make it a business-wide effort as well. Employee education is a monumental step in the right direction. Ensure that every department is aware of the importance of strong password hygiene, and even implement a password manager for employees to utilize. FORTR3SS is a great example of this technology, as it allows anyone to create one master login that will in effect manage all of their unique credentials.

This also gets employees thinking more about passwords even outside of work settings. Attackers can use personal accounts to gain access to corporate accounts, and many people will use personal passwords for both types of logins. Having something in place like a password manager that employees can use for ALL their accounts is a great protective tool that will benefit the business in the long run.

Close in on a large area of a company’s threat surface, and have your employees download FORTR3SS today!

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