In the past, people always looked toward the future as a technological limelight. While flying cars and robotic maids may not be a reality just yet, current biometric technology does open the door to a variety of advancements that are already in the works.

Biometrics on cell phones is the major stepping stone. This technology helps devices recognize their owners based on personalized biological points. Currently, voice, facial recognition, iris scans, and fingerprint biometric capabilities exist on most smartphones. These provide an extra layer of security, as well as offer ease of access for the user experience. Password manager software takes this one step further, ensuring that your login credentials are not only secured, but that biometrics add that extra layer to every password and account that you have. Our bodies literally become our passwords, making our information all the more secured.

These biometric login techniques are also extremely convenient. Logging in to various accounts, paying bills, using your credit card, and checking out social media accounts is done literally with the tap of a finger. You already have the assurance of a password manager creating and storing a selection of unique secure passwords, but biometrics adds an additional personalized layer.

With the existence of biometrics so readily available, more and more accounts are making a single layer of authentication system nearly extinct. A number of devices have already allowed for a biometric login system, and plenty more are following suit. It will be exciting to see what will come next for biometric technology, and even more so to see how we can implement that in order to keep your information secured!

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