Identity management in our growing world of IoT that includes home security, automotive, banking, healthcare, automotive, and retial industries is becoming more complex and a dangerouse landscape. Nuclear plants, electrical grids, traffic signalization systems, mass transportation grids, as well as all the previouosly mentioned industries, all share at least the common trait of being hacked: The breakdown of one consistment element, a human. Voice biometrics offers the cleanest, least obtrusive or cumbersome, most secure solution. It is more secure than facial recognition, fingerprint, retina scans, gait analysis, etc. All of those require specialized, expensive, and at times difficult to deploy hardware for them to be 100% effective.

Fortr3ss is leading the revolution in providing a suite of products for identity and password management including Fortr3ssApp, Fortr3ssConnect (API), Fortr3ssAD (Active Directory), and soon Fortr3ssVPN, Fortr3ssPay, Fortr3ssLock, and Fortr3ssPOS for the consumer, banking, healthcare, retail, hospitality industries.

Lets remove the frustration below when asked to remember a password.

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